Absorbent Cotton - 200 pce

Product Code: HSC
100% brushed cotton for sanitary purposes.

100% brushed absorbent cotton material 1m x 3m (approx). 
Supplied in two bales of 100 pieces

  • Both sides raised. 
  • Dark colours. 
  • 160 gram to 180 gram per square metre.
  • Each piece in a polythene bag.
  • 100 polythene bags in a bale.
Components Included
Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
200 Piece(s) 100% brushed absorbent cotton, dark colour, 1m x 3m

User Notes
  • The soft-brushed cotton is provided to meet the sanitary needs of women and girls.
  • This item can have several purposes, such as child nappies or bath towels.
  • When needs are better understood, more appropriate ‘sanitary materials’ can be sourced. Additionally depending on cultural context, sanitary towels can be requested.
Local purchase
Ensure that the cotton is soft and can easily absorb liquid.​​​​​​​
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In:
  • Packaging: Bale
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 120 x 56 x 110
  • Volume (m³): 0.739
  • Weight (kg): 158