Air Compressor and DTH Hammer Equipment

Product Code: BDAH
Equipment to enable pneumatic Down-the-hole Hammer drilling with the Code: BDR Drilling rig. With this equipment the driller will be able to work in all ground conditions and overcome almost all situations encountered.

NOTE: The kit is a selection of components suitable as start-up equipment for a new drilling operation and should be seen as a guide. Oxfam has a long association with the supplier and will work to design a drilling package that is most suitable to each programme and project location.

The Atlas Copco XAHS-186 compressor is selected to be compatible with the PAT 301T drilling rig and this down-the-hole hammer equipment. It is a robust, reliable, diesel powered unit and can be towed by most 4WD pick-up trucks.

Down-the-hole Hammer is also know as Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drilling. It is a technique that is used to drill boreholes in hard rock formations (such as igneous rock, limestone, sandstone etc). The hammer is driven pneumatically, forcing the button bit to break up the rock. Cuttings and debris are blown up the outside of the drill rods to the surface using air or air and foam.

Drilling may combine both rotary and down-the-hole Hammer techniques at the same borehole. For example: to drill through a hard overlying layer to reach a confined aquifer, or to drill in zones where bedrock is weathered to varying degrees.​​​​​​​

  • Equipment capable of drilling boreholes of 4½" - 6½" (110 - 165mm) diameter using 4" and 5" hammer tools
  • Atlas Copco XAHS-186 Compressor
  • 1885kg
    4.3 x 1.7 x 1.6m
    175 l/s free air delivery, working pressure 12 bar
    Deutz diesel engine, water cooled, 175L fuel tank
Code BDAH full kit Packed Weights and Dimensions 

​​​​​​​Components included
4" and 5" DTH Hammer equipmentPart Numbers given are PAT Drill
Line# Quantity Unit Part No. Description
1 1 Each 3063400 Hammer, 4", SD-400
2 2 Each 3063412-44 Button bit 4½" (115mm)
3 1 Each 3063500 Hammer, 5", SD-500
4 2 Each 3063578-50 Button bit, 5⅞" (150 MM)
5 2 Each 3063612-50 Button bit, 6½" (165mm)
6 1 Each 3064004 Stripping device, 4"
7 1 Each 3065412-44 Bit spanner, 4½"
8 1 Each 3064005 Stripping device, 5"
9 1 Each 3065578-50 Bit spanner, 5⅞"
10 1 Each 3065612-50 Bit spanner, 6½"
11 2 Each 4051044 Drill pipe, 76mm x 0.7m
12 1 Each 403238238 Sub adaptor, 2⅜" x 2⅜" API REG
13 1 Each 403238312 Sub adaptor, 2⅜" x 3½" API REG
14 2 Each 9414105 Rock drill oil, ISO 320, 18 litre
15 2 Each 9418205 Liquid drilling foam, 25 litre
Air compressor
Line# Quantity Unit Part No. Description
16 1 Each 9110186-h Atlas Copco XAHS-186 compressor
17 1 Pack(s) 9110186-h23 Service pack, 500hrs
18 1 Pack(s) 9110186-h43 Service pack, 1000hrs
19 15 Metre(s) 3071000-15 Air hose, 1½"
20 1 Each 9123000 Fuel filter and hand filling pump
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: Thailand
  • Packaging: See specification
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See specification
  • Volume (m³): 12.572
  • Weight (kg): 2690