Antenna Mast
Antenna Mast
Antenna Mast
Antenna Mast
Antenna Mast

Antenna Mast

Product Code: KM
Aluminium antenna mast 42 feet/12.5m.

Mast is suitable for mounting all equipment for a radio base: HF antenna, VHF antenna, and VHF repeater if required.


42' Light duty aluminium alloy sectional guyed mast kit comprising:

  • 1 Plain and 6 Belled mast sections. The top section will be fitted with a collar approx. 0.3m from the top to allow attachment of the Gibbet arm
  • Steel wire guy kit comprising: chain, wire, cable grips and break insulators
  • Ground anchors and base plate
  • 0.7 m Gibbet arm with 2 pulley attachments
Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each SMC PA42 (42ft, 12.5m) mast 1 Plain and 6 Belled mast sections, The top section will be fitted with collar for gibbet
2 1 Each Mast base plate with 2 pegs
3 3 Each Guy plate - for mast
4 1 Each Gibbet arm with pulleys, cable and rope
5 1 Each Carry bag, canvas
6 4 Each Ground anchors, steel, 70 cm

Guy Cable Kit

Line# Quantity Unit Description
7 1 Roll(s) Guy cable, steel 140 m
8 4 Each Guy markers, red
9 4 Each Guy markers, blue
10 12 Each Chain, steel, 60 cm
11 36 Each Shackle
12 192 Each Cable grip
13 12 Each Rigging screw
14 26 Each Thimble
15 36 Each Insulator, ceramic
16 1 Each Cutters - for wire rope

Technical notes
  • 1 mast is required for standard inverted “V” HF configuration. The ends of the antenna should be fixed 3-4 metre off the ground using poles and guys (not included).
  • 2 masts are required for circumstances where a horizontal configuration is needed (i.e. where directional communications >1000km is required).
  • Insulator blocks are included for use in the guy lines. When an inverted "V" antenna configuration is used the guy lines, which also form an inverted "V" shape, can give some interference to the radio signal on some wave lengths. It is not essential to install the blocks but using one or more per guy will reduce any possible interference.
  • At 12.5 m the mast will be difficult to erect. Normal method is to use a Falling Derrik which can be improvised in the field. Instructions are included in the kit. The full length of the mast should be supported, to stop it bending, as it is pulled from horizontal to vertical.

  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 210 x 30 x 30
  • Volume (m³): 0.189
  • Weight (kg): 54