Camera, Borehole Inspection

Product Code: BI
Small camera that can be lowered into a borehole to assess the condition of the casing, observe chemical deposits, or identify obstructions. A digital image is viewed on a monitor screen at the surface and can be recorded as a digital file.

Note: Standard kit suitable for107 m (350'), suitable for 3" - 10" diameter boreholes.

The kit includes the camera, cable reel, pulley sheave, and monitor. A tripod is not included, it can be requested or made in the field.
(Oxfam offers a light weight tripod kit for worker safety in open wells. This would be suitable for using with the camera kit.)

Note: For deeper boreholes other equipment from the manufacturer's range can be provided. Deeper surveys correspond to larger diameter holes so, to give more detailed imaging, a camera with both vertical and horizontal views and lighting is offered.


Borehole camera system. Lightweight, compact and portable.
Suitable to survey water wells, boreholes and vertical shafts from 2" inches (5cm) to 10" inches (25cm) wide and 350 feet (107m) deep.
Manually operated winch with collapsible handle
9" touch screen monitor with built in recording/playback
Standard system includes: winch and cable, control center, monitor, camera, pulley sheave, and power cables

Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Camera SC-166
2 1 Each Cable reel, 107 m - for camera
3 1 Each Monitor, control centre
4 1 Set Power cables with spring clips - for car battery
5 1 Each Pulley sheave, with cable - for depth measuring

Options available - request quotation if required
  • R-CAM camera: which has downward and horizontal facing lenses.
  • Tripod assembly
  • Longer cable and bigger reel (state required depth)
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: United States
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 48 x 42 x 61
  • Volume (m³): 0.123
  • Weight (kg): 22