Chlorine, Granules - 5kg

Product Code: FCL
Chlorine granules, used for disinfecting drinking water, suitable for air freight

User notes
  • Chlorine granules have a shelf life of approximately 2 years from manufacture date.
  • NOTE: Always check and confirm the percentage of available active chlorine in the product before mixing a solution

Chlorination method:

  1. Weigh out and add 20g (56%) of granules to 1 litre of water. Stir to dissolve. (1 teaspoon is very approximately 14g)
  2. The 1% (10,000 mg/l available chlorine) solution is used to disinfect larger quantities of water - see table below.
  3. Pre-treatment should ensure that the water turbidity is less than 5 NTU before chlorinating
  4. Ensure that a minimum contact time of 30 minutes is allowed before consumption
  5. Ensure a thorough mix, by recirculation where appropriate
  6. Always test for residual chlorine levels. It is desirable to leave a residual chlorine level of 0.3-0.5 mg/l after 30 minutes contact

Guide Dosing Levels - Volume of 1% solution to be added to total volume to achieve required dose concentration (mg/l)

Total volume (litre) 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000
1 mg/l 1 ml 10 ml 100 ml  1 litre 10 litre
2.5 mg/l 2.5 ml 25 ml 250 ml 2.5 litre 25 litre
5 mg/l 5 ml 50 ml 500 ml  5 litre 50 litre
7.5 mg/l 7.5 ml 75 ml 750 ml 7.5 litre 75 litre
10 mg/l 10 ml 100 ml 1 litre 10 litre 100 litre

Health & Safety

Personal protection - wear safety glasses. Keep dry and well away from acids. Harmful if swallowed; maybe harmful in contact with skin or eyes or if inhaled.

Environmental information - very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term damage in the environment.

Local Purchase
Chlorine granules can usually be sourced locally. Higher concentrations or different products (HTH, Sodium Trichloroisocyanurate) will be available. Always check the percentage of active chlorine before purchasing or using the product.
Remember to adjust your calculations according to the percentage of available chlorine in the product that you use.


5kg tub of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, dihydrate (NaDCC), containing minimum 50% active chlorine (nominally 56%)

Product conforms to:

  • European Committee of Standardisation EN12932:2008 Chemicals used in Treatment of Water Intended for Human Consumption - Chemicals for Emergency Use - Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate
  • US and International NSF/ANSI Standard 60
  • Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives - JECFA Specification

NOTE: To be classified as non-hazardous for air freight the maximum size of a single container is 5kg.

  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: Ireland
  • Packaging: Plastic Containers
  • Volume (m³): 0.012
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 24 x 24 x 20
  • Weight (kg): 5