Communications, Emergency Field Set
Communications, Emergency Field Set
Communications, Emergency Field Set
Communications, Emergency Field Set
Communications, Emergency Field Set

Communications, Emergency Field Set

Product Code: KEFC
A portable kit designed to provide high-speed voice and data communications almost anywhere in the world with limited or no power supply.
The BGAN unit in the kit is connected to a laptop, and then pointed to a satellite that provides the connection to the Internet. This will enable the user to use email as well as make an international telephone call, using a standard analogue telephone connected to the BGAN.
The kit includes a standard mobile phone, enabled to operate in most countries in the world. The power adaptor kit ensures that the components can be powered from conventional mains and vehicle sources (wall socket or vehicle cigarette lighter) or from the solar charger.

Oxfam GB
A separate budget code will be needed for air time. The BGAN will be sent with an inactivated SIM due to air transport regulations. Please request activation once the unit has been received. You will need to purchase a SIM card for the mobile phone for use in your country

All other customers
The BGAN and mobile phone will be sent without a SIM. The customer will be responsible for purchasing their own SIM and contract for all call charges. 
Components included
Line#  Quantity  Unit   Code    Description
1 1  Each   KBGAN    Communications, Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)
2 1  Each   KFSP    Solar Panel, Folding Lightweight 12V/24V 62W
3 1  Kit(s)    Mobile phone, three-band
4 1  Each   KUP/2    Adaptor, power - universal
5 1  Each    Targus Roller Case

The components of the kit must be kept together as a single unit.
Solar panel will allow the kit to be used where no other power source is available or where portability is essential.
Installing software (included on CD) gives additional benefits:
TCP_PEP speeds up line speed over satellite
BGAN Control Panel allows bandwidth usage monitoring, software updates, text messaging and GPS positioning.

It is recommended that a local Sim card is purchased for the mobile phone as soon as possible, as the Sim card provided is on a UK contract and will incur international call charge rates.
If uncertain about any aspect of this equipment, and particularly with running cost implications for the BGAN, please seek advice before ordering.

NOTE: Two budget codes must be provided at the time of ordering - one for the equipment and one for the airtime billing code. IS business support must be informed of any changes and of the current location of each kit (contact: The IS Team  must also be kept informed of the current budget code for the BGAN airtime charges. All charges will be applied to the last known budget code.
To limit airtime costs a firewall can be installed, to restrict internet traffic to Oxfam systems only. This can be configured at any time via the Service Desk contact.

Local Purchase
This exact model may be available for local purchase.
It is recommended that the BGAN SIMs are purchased centrally so that:
Calls are charged at Oxfam's lower corporate rate
Billing is done in one place (lower transaction costs)
Improved cost control and management information
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 46 x 21 x 40
  • Volume (m³): 0.040
  • Weight (kg): 12