Dosing Valve Kit
Dosing Valve Kit
Dosing Valve Kit
Dosing Valve Kit
Dosing Valve Kit

Dosing Valve Kit

Product Code: FASDV
Kit to enable a chemical solution to be added to water, on the suction side of a pump. This is used where a water treatment facility is being set up in the field.

NOTE: This kit is a selection of parts from the Code FASD. It contains the control valve, the pick up pipe and strainer, plus fittings to give you a 1" or 2" BSP(M) thread on the outlet side. The user will need to source all other components locally.

User notes
  • With this equipment a flocculant, of a known concentration, can be fed into the suction flow at a controlled rate which causes effective mixing in the pump and delivery pipe.
  • In some situations this kit can be used for adding chlorine solution to a pumped flow (i.e. where the raw water is of very low turbidity or where treated water is being pumped onward, following the flocculation process.
Components included
Line Qty Description
1 1 Valve, gate, ¾", BSP(F). brass
2 1 Outlet filter/strainer kit, (to cover the outlet on a dosing chemical tank).
3 4 m Clear flexible pipe, 12mm dia. with 2 hose clips
4 1 ½" BSP(M) to 12mm, Hose coupler, brass, with washer (fitted to hose)
5 1 ½" George Fischer type 323 (or equivalent) PVC metering ball valve, with threaded sockets (F)
6 1 1" to ½" BSP(M) Reducing bush, GI
7 1 1" BSP(F-M) Elbow, GI
8 1 1” BSP(M) Nipple, GI
9 1 Reducing bush 2”-1” BSP, GI
10 2 Roll of PTFE tape
11 1 Roll of Gaffer tape
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 44 x 44 x 18
  • Volume (m³): 0.034
  • Weight (kg): 6