The Oxfam Supply Centre is an ECHO Registered Humanitarian Procurement Centre, or HPC.  We were awarded this status in June 2015, after having undergone a thorough external assessment of our procurement, quality control, warehousing and organisational policies and practices.  As an HPC we are subject to rigorous checks by ECHO to ensure that we are compliant with the terms of the HPC Charter.

Our HPC Status means that any NGO implementing an ECHO or EU funded programme can order equipment from us with a single quote procedure and remain compliant with donor procurement rules. This saves time, money, and frees up valuable organizational resources.

As an HPC, we are legally obliged to treat all customers on the same basic terms.  This means that our prices for all goods are the same for all customers, including Oxfam itself.  We operate as a semi autonomous department within Oxfam and deal with our own organization at arm’s length.

To find out more about the HPC Concept, take a look at the ECHO Website.  You will also find a copy of the HPC Charter, which we are obliged to follow, and the HPC Register, which lists all current registered HPCs.