Electrical Wiring Kit - for Office or Accommodation

Product Code: KEDP
Kit of cables, circuit breakers, fittings and switches to permit the immediate wiring of a field office or accommodation building.

WARNING:  Incorrect use of electrical equipment and poor workmanship can be lethal. Installation and system testing should only be undertaken by a trained and experienced electrician.
Components Included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 10 Metre(s) Cable, 3 core, 10 mm SWA (steel wire armoured)
2 2 Each Cable glands
3 1 Each Distribution board, 4 way
4 4 Each MCB, (x2) 32A, (x1) 15A, (x1) 5A
5 1 Each Fused Spur, metal clad, 20A, with indicator light
6 8 Each Sockets, Double, metal clad, 13A
7 2 Each Junction box, 30A
8 4 Each Light switches, metal clad, 5A, UK 3-pin
9 4 Each Junction box, 4 way, 20A
10 50 Metre(s) Cable, twin & earth, 2.5 mm²
11 50 Metre(s) Cable, twin & earth, 1.0 mm²
12 1 Pack(s) Cable clips for 2.5 mm² cable
13 1 Pack(s) Cable clips for 1.0 mm² cable

User Notes

This kit provides a kit of quality cable and components to enable rapid wiring of a building or facility. It is selected to be used in conjunction with Oxfam generator kits. No instructions or tools are included.

NOTE: Sockets included are UK 3-pin

  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 83 x 53 x 42
  • Volume (m³): 0.185
  • Weight (kg): 36