Emergency Water Trucking Module

Product Code: MEWT
This module enables the setting up or a small water trucking operation. It contains all the equipment necessary to pump water into  two trucking bladders, normally mounted on flat bed trucks, then into two storage bladders each of which has the connections and pipe to set up two tapstands at each water distribution point.

User notes:
  • Water trucking always proves difficult to monitor and control effectively so, before starting, always ensure that there is a clear exit strategy. This may be either a well publicised finishing date or a strategy to bring other water sources on line.
  • Ensure that the water trucks used are reliable, roadworthy and can carry six tonnes before entering a rental agreement. When mounting the trucking bladders ensure that all the straps are firmly attached.
  • Avoid situations where the beneficiaries are collecting water directly from the trucks as such a situation can become chaotic and dangerous.
  • A minimum height difference of 1m is required between the gate valve of the water tank and the top of the tapstand, to overcome the friction loss in the system and to ensure the taps shut off properly.
Components included
Line Code Quantity Description
1 TRT6 2 Tank kit, transport bladder, 6m³
2 TBT10 2 Tank kit, bladder, 10m³
3 DS 4 Tapstand kit
4 DP32C 2 Distribution pipe, PE, 32mm, 50m
5 DA 1 Fittings kit, Distribution Adaptation
6 PR2 2 Pump kit, Surface water, 2", Lightweight, Petrol
7 G215 1 Hose, Flexible reinforced, 30m, 2"
8 G216 2 Coupling, Hose, BSP(F)
9 G217 2 Coupling, Hose, BSP(M)
10 G218 4 Hose clip, bolted
11 FPO 2 Pooltester
12 FD1 2 Tablets, rapid test DPD1 - for Pooltester

  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm):
  • Volume (m³): 3.533
  • Weight (kg): 739


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