Export Service

The task of delivering goods to international destinations is growing ever more challenging, due to the growing complexity of import regulations in the developing world.  Just a single missing or incorrect shipping document can cause untold delay and cost at the port of entry.  The key to ensuring a smooth and hassle free importation process is to make 100% sure that all the correct export procedures have been followed to the letter before the goods leave us.

Fortunately we have been doing this for the last 40 years and so are quite good at it!  We have a dedicated team of experienced professional staff who are responsible for the entire process from receiving your Request for Quotation all the way up to dispatching the cargo with a complete set of correct export documents and tracking the shipment to the port of entry.  We have strong and longstanding relationships with our freight forwarding agents and together we do our utmost to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

We do however require that our customers make sure that they are fully familiar with the import regulations in the destination country.  We strongly recommend that our customers appoint a reputable and experienced clearing agent, and communicate all the relevant import requirements to us prior to shipment.