Fittings Kit, Distribution, 63mm

Product Code: DF2
Kit of fittings for 63mm OD pipe, including adaptors to connect to 32mm pipe, to create branches off 90mm OD pipe, and BSP fittings.
Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Code Description
1 8 Each G301 Coupling, 90mm Compression, PE
2 4 Each G304 Tee, Reducing, 90mm to 63mm Compression, PE
3 2 Each G313 Bush, Reducing, 3" x 2" BSP(M-F), GI
4 4 Each G201 Coupling, 63mm Compression, PE
5 4 Each G203 Tee, Equal, 63mm Compression, PE
6 2 Each G205 Elbow, 90°, 63mm Compression, PE
7 8 Each G202 Coupling, Reducing, 63mm x 32mm Compression, PE
8 4 Each G207 Adapter, 63mm Compression x 2" BSP(M), PE

User notes

  • These fittings are intended for metric PE pipe but can also be used for uPVC pipe. Pressure ratings when used on PE pipe are 12.5 bar at 20°C (10% reduction at 30°C). The pressure rating of the fittings may not be fully achieved when used with uPVC pipe, as the compression fittings will not bite as effectively into uPVC. At 4 bar they may shows signs of leakage and thrust blocks will be required at higher pressures.
  • Where local purchase of fittings is required and compression fittings are not normally available, either push fittings complete with rubber O rings or solvent cement joints can be used, but they will require thrust blocks (to prevent bursts at the joints). Pressure rating depends on the class of fittings the quality of cement and of the workmanship. It should be possible to achieve a maximum pressure rating of 12.5 bar using the right materials.
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: China
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 58 x 59 x 50
  • Volume (m³): 0.171
  • Weight (kg): 59


Pipe, PE, 50m length
32, 50, 63, 90 mm diameter available
Pipe, PE, 5.8m length
63, 90 mm diameter available