Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel
Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel
Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel
Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel
Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel

Fuel dispensing kit, Diesel

Product Code: OFDD
Diesel fuel dispensing kit of high quality components with manual pump, filter and delivery meter plus accessories for fuel testing and staff personal protection.

This equipment is highly recommended for programme offices and field bases where fuel storage and handling take place.

  • Fuel pilfering is a reality wherever transport, storage and handling occurs and can be a significant financial loss to a programme.
  • 'Down time' for vehicles and equipment, due to breakdowns caused by poor fuel quality is not uncommon and is avoidable. This has a financial implication, an effect on project delivery, and is a great cause of frustration to field staff.
This kit provides the tools to enable a supervisor to monitor and report on fuel use and quality responsibly. In most situations the capital cost of the equipment will be recovered by preventing a single breakdown or by exposing or deterring pilfering.
Components included

Pump kit
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Rotary hand pump
2 1 Each Flow meter
3 1 Each Filter housing with filter
4 4 Metre(s) Delivery hose with trigger nozzle, 1"
5 1 Metre(s) Suction pipe, flexible with 1" foot valve/strainer
Line# Quantity Unit Description
6 3 Each Foot valve/Strainer, 1"
7 1 Each Filter elements, water and particulates - for line 3
8 1 Each Funnel
9 2 Each Jerry Can, steel
10 4 Each Flexi Spout - for jerry can
11 2 Tube(s) Fuel test paste - for water
12 1 Kit(s) Fuel test kit - for bacteria
13 2 Tube(s) Anti-tamper seal lacquer
14 2 Each Overalls, cotton
15 4 Pair(s) Gloves, rigger
16 5 Pair(s) Gloves, PVC, heavy duty
17 1 Pack(s) Cloths, micro fibre
18 1 Each Rule, 1m, steel
19 1 Each Hose, clear, 10mm
20 1 Pack(s) Cable tie, 2.5mm
21 1 Each Toolbox, plastic
22 1 Roll(s) PTFE sealing tape
23 1 Each Padlock
24 1 Each Safety Goggles

NOTE: Steel rule, clear tube and cable ties are used to make a barrel sampling and inspection tube. 
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 60 x 80 x 117
  • Volume (m³): 0.5616
  • Weight (kg): 38