GPS (Global Positioning System)

Product Code: OGPS
A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a tool used to aid navigation, map making, land surveying, tracking and route finding. It picks up radiowave signals from satellites which allow the receiver to determine its current location, elevation and the time.


Hand held Global Positioning System unit. Features include:

  • 3-axis electronic compass
  • barometric altimeter
  • 2000 way points
  • area calculation
  • Mini USB socket for for connection to PC
  • 4GB internal memory with micro-SD expansion slot
  • 25 hours of operation with 2 AA batteries (included); NiMH or Lithium recommended
  • downloadable regional maps : political boundaries, cities, towns, major motorways, railroads, highways, lakes, rivers, coastline detail. These must be purchased separately from for your region

Components included

Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Garmin eTrex 30x hand held GPS
2 1 Each Mini USB Data Computer PC Sync Cable Lead
3 1 Each User's Quick Guide in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
4 1 Each Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries x 4
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: Taiwan, Province of China
  • Packaging: Padded Bag
  • Volume (m³): 0.010
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 25 x 33 x 9
  • Weight (kg): 1
  • Weight: 1.34kg