How We Choose Our Kit

Each item of equipment in this catalogue has been thoroughly assessed and tested by Oxfam’s Humanitarian teams for its suitability to meet the real world needs of field operations. 

We have a dedicated equipment engineer on our team who is responsible for maintaining the list of items in this catalogue, ensuring that specifications are appropriate, and for liaising with field teams, external customers and our in-house subject matter experts to ensure that the equipment is the best in class and the most appropriate for any given need. 

All of or equipment is chosen according to strict criteria concerning cost, quality, robustness, ease of use, and transportability.  What we do not offer is a great deal of choice.  For example, if you want to order a 45m3 rigid water tank, you will only find one model in this catalogue.  However, we can assure you that this tank model has been thoroughly evaluated, has been used by our own people for many years, works as specified, and is in our view the best on offer.  The same philosophy applies to all items in the catalogue.