How We Innovate

In our sector there is never a shortage of innovative solutions in search of real-world problems.  However, most of these innovations never make it into the field.  The reason for this is simple: most equipment is chosen by front line humanitarian aid workers, catering to the needs of people who are often in a desperate situation.  There is an understandable tendency to stick with what works, and to avoid untested solutions. 

Oxfam takes a long term approach to innovation, and we focus all our efforts where there is a real unmet need.  We work closely with suppliers, other agencies, academia, and the UN Clusters to develop new solutions to real problems, and only release new products when we are completely sure that they will work.

Innovation Case Study 1 - The Oxfam Jerry Bucket (Video)

Innovation Case Study 2 - The Oxfam Handy-Wash Tap (Video)