Latrine kit, Raised, with two cubicles - 6 pce

Product Code: LRLT
A complete raised latrine is used where it is not possible or appropriate to dig a simple pit (i.e. on rocky ground, in a flooded area, in an urban environment etc). The kit comprises of a holding tank, latrine slabs, superstructure and steps equipped with a hand/guard rail to access the latrine. The tank has access provision for emptying/desludging without dismantling the superstructure.

Note: To give best economy in packaging and transport this kit contains six (x6) complete, double latrine units.

User notes
  • The use of raised latrines requires a strategy for emptying and excreta disposal. Personnel and equipment will be required for desludging and a location to off load the slurry is essential.

Unit construction: Pressure treated timber frame and corrugated plastic board, 4 mm, UV stable. The unit is based on using a 1.2m x 0.8m self-supporting slab. Each double unit consists of:

  1. Holding tank 2 m³ with internal liner, emptying hatch and box, latrine slabs (x2)
  2. Access stairs and landing, with hand/guard rails
  3. Superstructure (x2)
  • Durable and stable to withstand heat, wind, dust, and rain and manual cleaning
  • Rip proof and opaque material 
  • Hold-down attachments to fix the structure to the ground and attachments to fix the structure to an approved latrine slab
  • Design allows for sufficient ventilation and light with roof that permits the run off of rain water
  • Doors self closing and lockable from the inside. 
  • Permits the use of segregation (M/F) markings or signs
Packed dimensions:
  • Pallet 1:   215 x 121 x 145 cm  427kg
  • Pallet 2:   161 x 80 x 141 cm  414kg
  • Pallet 3:   161 x 80 x 141 cm  414kg
Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 6 Kit(s) Holding tank, timber and plastic board
2 6 Each Liner, holding tank
3 6 Kit(s) Emptying box and hatch kit
4 12 Each Latrine slab
5 6 Kit(s) Stairs kit with handrail
6 6 Set(s) Brackets, GI and fixings/nails
7 12 Kit(s) Superstructure, single cubicle, timber and plastic board with all fixings
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Pallet
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See specification
  • Volume (m³): 7.404
  • Weight (kg): 1255