Latrine stool with self-closing flush - 50 pce

Product Code: LS206
Improvement for concrete latrine slab

The SATO206 is used to reduce odour and flies, and to reduce the water requirement of a pour-flush latrine.

The plastic toilet stool with self-closing flap is inserted into a concrete latrine slab (during slab production or retro-fitted). The weighted flap which can be flushed with as little as 200 ml of water and will close reliably to separate the pit from the latrine cubicle. The unit is easy to clean and has a pull cable to manually open the flap, if required. 

This toilet stool is suitable for the elderly, people with reduced mobility, and for areas where sitting is more culturally accepted than squatting.

NOTE: SATO products are manufactured in a number of countries world wide and a guide price is shown here. The Supply Centre will put together a quote based on the most economic supply of the quantity required to the destination country. Other SATO products can be supplied.

  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Packaging: Carton