Manual drilling kit, Rotary jetting

Product Code: BRJ30
Kit to enable manual borehole drilling by rotary jetting method. The kit is an upgraded version of a rotary jetting kit used by local enterprises in Africa. It has been adapted to be more suitable in emergency settings and uses high quality components for increased reliability and longevity.

This equipment is designed to enable a small team to drill up to 30 m deep in soft sediments. Drill bit is 7" which will enable a casing of 5" to be installed with gravel pack.

Equipment is developed and supplied by the Practica Foundation. Practica are able to offer in-country training, manual drilling suitability maps (for many countries), and other documentation for NGOs that are setting up manual drilling programmes/teams.

Cost and context
  • Manual well drilling is a proven borehole construction method in the developmental context. Drilling water wells by hand using local enterprises, can reduce the cost of a water point to 10-50% of the cost of a machine-drilled borehole. The drilling method uses manpower rather than machine based power to penetrate geological formations. The installation and finalization processes are identical to machine drilling and with skilled operators a similar quality can be obtained. It is well known for its simplicity, ease of transport, their independence of external supplies and cost effectiveness.
  • Suitability: Rotary jetting is best suited for drilling through unconsolidated formations that consist of loose sand, silt, clay or thin layers of small size gravel. Certain highly weathered consolidated formations can be penetrated as well. The kit cannot be used for drilling in hard formations/bedrock of any type. If such formations are encountered, re-siting is needed.

User notes
  • A water supply is required. A transport/trucking bladder should be used.
  • Polymer is supplied for initial start up (2-3 holes), a local source of consumables and bore hole materials must be found.
Components included
Drilling kit
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Rotary arm
2 1 Each Inlet/outlet assembly - for use in mudpit
3 1 Each Suction hose, reinforced flexible, 6m
4 2 Each Delivery hose, reinforced flexible, 1m
5 40 Each Drill pipes, threaded, 75 cm long, aluminium
6 1 Each Pit box
7 2 Each Valve system (x1) Inlet, (x1) Outlet
8 1 Each Drill bit, 7"
9 2 Each Spanner, 55mm
10 1 Each Pump, centrifugal, petrol engine, with Storz couplings and two control valves with spare mechanical seal kit
11 1 Each Non-return valve, 1½"
12 1 Each Swivel - for drill pipe head
13 2 Each Drill logs, pad
Tools and accessories
Line# Quantity Unit Description
14 4 Each Hard hat
15 4 Pair(s) Rigger gloves
16 1 Each Shovel
17 1 Each wire brush
18 1 Each Hacksaw with spare blade
19 1 Each Jerry can 10L
20 1 Each Funnel
21 1 Each Spanner, adjustable
22 2 Each Buckets
23 1 Each File
24 1 Each Dip meter with rope
25 1 Each Tape measure
Consumables and spares
Line# Quantity Unit Description
26 1 Each Sample tray
27 1 Each Pulling latch - spare
28 1 Each Depth meter, rod type
29 2 Roll(s) Tape, PTFE
30 1 Piece(s) Plastic sheet, 5x4 m
31 1 Tub(s) Grease, copper, with brush
32 6 Each Bolts, M6 - for rotary arm
33 2 Each Bolts M10 - for rotary arm
34 2 Each Hose clamps
35 2 Bag(s) Drilling polymer, 8 kg
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: Netherlands
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 127 x 87 x 94
  • Volume (m³): 1.039
  • Weight (kg): 278


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