Our Equipment

The equipment in this catalogue is the physical embodiment of almost 50 years of Oxfam's real world experience, working to provide emergency relief for people in the most desperate of circumstances, all around the world.

The equipment has been thoroughly assessed and tested by Oxfam’s Humanitarian teams for its suitability to meet the needs of field operations.

Equipment is been purchased by our team of experts in the UK through a transparent and competitive procurement process, which includes ethical checking of all suppliers. This ensures that all spending is compliant with the most stringent donor requirements.

Oxfam is well known for its expertise in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, and much of the equipment in this catalogue is focused on the WASH sector.  However we also carry a wide range of other goods including warehousing tents, vehicles, communications equipment, emergency shelter, vector control, and many other items.

Most of the equipment in this catalogue is held in stock in our UK Warehouse, and is available for quick dispatch.