Our Service

This catalogue provides information about the prices, availability and specifications of the equipment we offer to all agencies working in the Humanitarian and Development sectors.  We are part of Oxfam GB but operate on a semi-autonomous basis, and we try very hard to give all customers the same level of service priority.

Oxfam Supply Centre charges a standard service fee of 9.5% of the actual purchased cost of the goods, to contribute to operating costs. Because we are an official ECHO Registered Humanitarian Procurement Centre we are obliged to deal with all customers on a level playing field, and so all customers, including Oxfam, are offered goods and services at exactly the same prices.

If you are an external agency and have not worked with us before, you will need to register with us.  This is a simple process and we aim to turn around new customer registrations within two working days. 

If you are an external agency and you have already registered with us, and would now like to request a quotation, we do our very best to make this process simple, quick and easy for you. Please visit our How to request a quote page for more details.

If you need help with sourcing items which are not in the catalogue, we are willing to consider taking on such “off the menu” procurement assignments.  Just ask!

If you would like to speak to us or find out more, please Contact Us and we will respond as soon as we can.