Production in June 2020

The Oxfam Handwashing Stand is the result of three years of design and refinement and three field trials. It provides a low cost, easy-to-assemble, user friendly hand washing facility that can be installed in a first phase response to support sanitation and public health promotion activities.

Why? In sanitation projects much money and time is spent on the provision of latrines but for too long the provision of acceptable hand washing facilities has always been an after-thought. Poor quality, improvised and unreliable methods are commonly used even though it is widely known that hand washing with soap has the largest positive effect to public health, after the provision of safe drinking water.

What? The new Oxfam Handwashing Stand looks different to anything that is available or has been used in the field before. The striking design and colours have a big influence on users. Our trials showed that the more eye-catching and desirable the unit, the more likely that people will come, use the mirrors, and wash their hands.

The new Oxfam Handwashing Stand will be supplied as a box of six units which can be added to a stack of latrine slabs (as the dimensions are the same), or provided as a stack of four boxes on a pallet ready for air freight as standard cargo (<1.55 m high). The target price per unit is under £50.

When? The Oxfam Handwashing Stand will be available to purchase from mid 2020. Write to the Supply Centre and ask us to keep you updated.

Please see the videos and documents to find out more about the project, the field trials, and the product.

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