Oxfam Water Tank - new for 2020

The OXFAM water tank has been a key fixture in humanitarian responses worldwide ever since it was introduced in 1976. It has been produced in the UK for OXFAM by two suppliers since that time. Other manufactures in Europe, Africa and Australia also produce a version of a demountable, 'steel wall and flexible liner'  tank that is used by agencies with WASH programmes but the OXFAM tank remains the most popular, cost effective, and widely used.

Minor changes have been made to the OXFAM tank kit over the decades but in 2018, as the result of all our experience and feedback from our technical teams, and because of advances in the materials that are available we have looked at the equipment again and made the first significant changes for many years.

A new low-profile, steel roof kit has been created. This roof has a domed design using the same corrugated steel sheet material as the tank walls. It is supported on two cross beams and bolts to the top of the tank.

Assembly uses the same simple tools and bolt fixings as the tank walls and can be done by a team of four people in 2 - 3 hours.
The new roof price will be around £1300. The weight and cost is significantly less than the existing steel roof with a conical design. The roof will be more reliable and far more durable than the current PVC roof kit. We believe that a steel tank kit should last more than ten years and investing in the roof is essential to the longevity of the structure.

We have selected a
new liner material. Over the last 30 years many changes and advances have been made in material, with more types of sheet/liner material being produced for a wider range of specific applications. For the OXFAM Tank we have chosen a PVC based material of food and potable water grade. This offers a significant weight saving over the previous material that will give cost savings in the supply chain and make the tank much easier to erect on site. As the material is thinner we are supplying a matting fabric to install between it and the prepared ground to protect the liner.

An OXFAM Tank kit can be safely and correctly installed by a team of four people and we are making changes to the instructions, the tools and including some basic safety work wear in the kits. The key to a good installation is having technical supervision on site and taking the time to be methodical and accurate at each stage.

The Supply Centre will be offering the improved
Oxfam Tank as a complete package in our three standard sizes 45, 70 and 95 m3. The tank will be our recommended equipment for storage of treated drinking water for all mid to long term infrastructure projects.

We will continue to offer the existing equipment options as individual items. These will still have their place for use in different circumstances.

The new kit will be finalised in the remainder of 2019 and we intend to launch it as a new product in the Equipment Catalogue in the summer of 2020. Watch this page for updates.