Pump, Hand, for Water

Product Code: WDHP
Reliable, robust, and high quality hand pump for installation in wells and boreholes up to 100 m deep.

Note: Guide prices, for various depths, are given on the Specification tab.

Oxfam supports the use of the BluePump. The quality of the components and build are extremely high. This unit shows significant improvements in reliability and longevity over other manufacturers' pumps, especially at depths over 50 m. The higher initial cost will be offset by the lower costs of maintenance and the inconvenience of pump down time.

The Supply Centre can offer quotes for other types of hand pump. For example, if an area has successful operation and maintenance of another brand it may be advantageous to supply the same type.

Any quotation for hand pumps will require detailed information, such as:
  • How many are required
  • What are the expected depths for pump installation (for rising main quantities)
  • Will the installation be 'hanging pump' (<40 m depth) or 'bottom support'.
  • What spares are to be supplied with the pumps

NOTE: Details are listed here for the BluePump. The pump component groups are:

  1. Pump-head standard set
    Blue Box pump head
    Blue Cap: bearings, nuts and bolts, conical seat, manual etc
    Handle - standard 1.2 m for up to 65 m depth: with counter weight for up to 100 m depth
    Cylinder and foot valve assembly
    Installation materials: PVC glue and solvent, rope and pipe clamps
  2. Rising Main assembly set 2 m
    Pipe, plain ends, PVC
    Socket, plain, PVC
    Pump rods, threaded, stainless steel
    Spacers, lock nuts, connecting nut - for pump rods
  3. Bottom Support pipe set 2m - Used for depths greater than 40 m
    Pipe, plain ends, PVC
    Foot plug
  4. Bottom Support Screen set 2m
    Screen, 0.5 mm slots, 2 m length, plain ends, PVC
  5. Installation accessories and tools
    Box of equipment for each installation team (not per pump)
Note: All pipe and screens are Internal Diameter 70 mm and Outside Diameter 80 mm

Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Bluepump standard set without handle
2 1 Each Bluepump handle 1.2 m - for 15-65m
3 33 Set(s) Rising main assembly 2m: PVC pipe, pipe socket, pump rod, spacer
4 6 Set(s) Bottom support pipe set 14m: PVC filter screen, 2m, 0.75 mm slots, sockets, PVC pipe, footplug
5 1 Set(s) Bottom support screen set
Tools and Accessories - one per installation team
Line# Quantity Unit Description
6 1 Kit(s) Tool kit, standard
7 1 Each Pipe clamp (two piece)
8 1 Each Installation plate
9 1 Each Rod clamp
10 1 Each Fishing tool - for PVC pipes
11 1 Each Fishing tool - for pump rods
12 1 Each Glue, 1 litre - for PVC pipes
13 1 Each Solvent, 1 litre - for PVC pipes

Guide Prices
Pump Depth (m) Installation type Guide price (€)
20 Hanging pump 1,550
40 Hanging pump 1,850
40 Bottom Support - borehole 50 m depth 1,950
60 Bottom Support - borehole 80 m depth 2,350
80 Bottom Support - borehole 100 m depth 2,650
  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: Netherlands
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate