Pump kit, chemical dosing, constant rate

Product Code: FDEC
Pump kit that can be used to add chlorine to a piped and pressurised flow at a constant rate.

This kit is suitable for installing at a borehole head or at any point in a delivery pipe where constant rate of flow occurs. It should be situated near the output of a pump or near the inlet to a tank to enable mixing to occur and to give sufficient contact time for disinfection.

User notes
Dosing can be controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the pump and by the concentration of the dosing fluid.


Pump and accessories to enable chemical dosing of water.

Seko Tekna Evo AKL800

  • Robust PE construction, UV resistant and resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Power source: 220-240V AC
  • Dosing range: 0-18 litre/hour depending on pressure in the water pipe.
    Pressure: bar Flow: litre/hour
    1 18
    5 15
    10 10
    16 7
  • Control: manual adjustment
  • Installation kit includes: Suction pipe with foot valve and strainer, delivery pipe with ½" BSP(M) connection
Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Pump unit with power lead and 2 pin Euro plug fitted
2 1 Each Mounting bracket with screws
3 1 Each Suction hose, clear
4 1 Each Delivery hose, white
5 1 Set(s) Foot valve and suction hose connector
6 1 Set(s) Delivery hose connector with ½"BSP(M) thread
7 2 Each Hose connector set, spares
8 1 Set(s) Screws and rawl plugs - for mounting bracket
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Volume (m³): 0.016
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 29 x 20 x 26
  • Weight (kg): 4