Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield
Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield
Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield
Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield
Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield

Pump Kit, Solar, Submersible, 3", Low yield

Product Code: BSS3L
Includes solar power kit
A 3" (74 mm) diameter, 'Low Yield' pump set supplied with rising main, well head assembly and control panel. The pump package also includes PV array and has switching control to enable it to be powered by an AC generator (Note: Generator must Automatic Voltage Regulator - AVR, fitted).

This 'low yield' kit is offered as a simple installation for a community water supply, school, health post or staff compound. The 3" pump is preferred to enable the unit to be used in existing boreholes that commonly have 4" casing.

Here is a short video introducing the kit and showing what it does:

And here is a much longer video showing how it is put together:


NOTE: Damage can be done to submersible pumping equipment and to the borehole if the system is not selected correctly and pumping is not carefully controlled and managed. A full borehole draw-down test is an essential part of pump selection and system operation.

The following information should be considered before ordering:
a) Available solar irradiation at the location
b) Daily water demand
c) Borehole performance & recharge
d) Total pumping head to storage.
e) System water storage requirement, to cover morning and evening demand when pumping is lowest.


  • The kit is selected to be capable of delivering approximately =/>10 m³/day at 10-30 m total head, based on general solar irradiation figures between 20° North and South of the Equator.
  • This submersible pump kit is designed to be powered using the Solar Panel kit included included.
    NOTE: The panels are 60V DC 145 Wp units.
  • The control panel also permits switching to a single phase 220-240 VAC supply.
  • Pump protection: This pump control panel has integrated dry running protection for the pump and the kit includes a water tank level float switch to control pumping.
  • A Dip Meter is required and should be ordered, one per programme office or per technical team.

​​​Multi-stage submersible pump fitted with electric motor.

  • Rated flow 2 m³/hr at rated head 30m
  • Electrical inverter/control/protection unit with switching between DC and 230V AC supply
  • Dry run protection incorporated in control panel.
  • Tank level switching control
  • Solar power kit 870 Wp with mounting frame, cables and connections
Dimensions (cm): Crate 1: 63 x 108 x 53, Crate 2: 102 x 102 x 45

Components included

Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Pump, centrifugal fitted to 0.6 kW motor unit, 3"
2 60 Metre(s) Cable, pump, 4 core - fitted to pump
3 1 Kit(s) Pump spares:(x3) impeller, (x2) diffuser, bottom diffuser, top diffuser, spacer (x3) straps, cable jointing kit
Well head, rising main and fittings
Line# Quantity Unit Description
4 Barrel nipple, 1½ BSP with 40 mm compression adaptor, brass - Pump to rising main connector
5 1 Each Adaptor, compression, 40mm - 1¼" BSP(M), PE - for pump
6 50 Metre(s) Pipe, 40 mm, PE - riser and delivery
7 60 Metre(s) Pump safety cable, 3 mm, stainless steel
8 4 Each Cable clamps
9 1 Pack(s) Cable ties
10 1 Each Machined PE well cover with 1½" BSP(F) connections and loops for safety cable
11 1 Each Sweep bend, 90º, 1½" BSP(F), brass
12 1 Each Valve, ball, 1½" BSP(F)
13 1 Each Valve, non-return, 1½" BSP(F)
14 6 Each Adaptor, compression, 40mm - 1½" BSP(M), PE
15 2 Each Adaptor, compression, 40mm - 2" BSP(M), PE
16 1 Each Reducer, compression 63-40 mm, PE
17 2 Each Elbow, compression, 40mm, PE
18 4 Each Nipple, hex, 1½" BSP(M), Brass
19 10 Roll(s) Tape, PTFE, teflon
Electrical equipment
Line# Quantity Unit Description
20 1 Each Solar inverter control panel
21 6 Each PV Solar modules, 145 W, 60V DC with cables and connections, MC4
22 1 Each Solar cable connector
23 1 Kit(s) Mounting frame, adjustable - for solar panels
24 1 Each Earth spike and cable
25 1 Each Float switch (water tank) with 30m cable
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: Belgium
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 184 x 122 x 96
  • Volume (m³): 2.155
  • Weight (kg): 330


Pocket Dipper
Dip Meter
Three lengths available