Pump kit, Solar, Submersible, 4"

Product Code: BSS4
Lorentz system
A 4" (96 mm) diameter pump set supplied with rising main, wellhead assembly and control panel. All tools and accessories are included for installation of the equipment.

This kit is designed to give maximum flexibility according to borehole yield, daily water demand, and available solar energy.
All solar systems require a water storage component, to cover morning and evening demand when pumping is lowest. This should be calculated as part of the daily water demand.

NOTE: Damage can be done to submersible pumping equipment and to the borehole if the system is not selected correctly and pumping is not carefully controlled and managed. A full borehole draw-down test is an essential part of pump selection and system operation.

  • This submersible pump kit will require a solar panel power source. It is designed to be used with the Oxfam kit Code: KS820. Order one, two or three of these to provide the required power according to:
    a) available solar energy
    b) required flow and head
    c) borehole performance
  • Pump protection: This pump is supplied with a low water level probe and a water tank level float switch to control control switching.
  • A Dip Meter is required and should be ordered, one per programme office or per technical team.
  • The pump is supplied with a flow sleeve. A flow sleeve is used to solve problems of motor overheating and the build up of corrosive deposits. A flow sleeve should always be used where clearance is available.
  • Oxfam Code: FDEV is a chlorine dosing pump for use with this kit. This enables controlled dosing at a variable rate proportional to the flow through the flow meter.

Multi-stage submersible pump fitted with electric motor.

  • rated flow 5m³/hr at rated head 73m

Electrical inverter/control/protection unit (connected in series to pump power supply from generator)

  • Level control equipment low water and tank full switching

Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Lorentz PU1800 C-SJ5-12 Submersible Pump Unit, Multi-stage, Centrifugal Pump, ECDRIVE1200-C
2 1 Each Stilling Tube with adaptor - for pump
3 60 Metre(s) Cable, pump, 4 core (x3 4mm², x1 2.5mm²)
Well head and fittings
Line# Quantity Unit Description
4 1 Each Wellhead assembly for 4-8" borehole: Head plate mild steel, galvanised, 90º bend, outer casing 200mm Ø
5 2 Each Flexible rising main fitting, 1½", stainless steel
6 1 Each Elbow, 90º, 1½" BSP(F), SS
7 2 Each Nipple, hex, 1½" BSP(M), SS
8 1 Each Ball valve, 1½" BSP(F), SS
9 2 Each Pipe nipple, 1½" BSP(M), 300 mm long, SS
10 2 Each Flange adaptor to 1½" BSP(F), SS with gasket and fixing set (nuts, bolts, washers)
11 1 Each Bulk water meter, helix, DN40, with analogue signal cable
12 60 Metre(s) Flexible rising main, 1½"
Electrical equipment
Line# Quantity Unit Description
13 1 Each PV disconnect switch 440VDC/20A, 6 string, plastic box, IP54
14 1 Each Pump controller, PS1800 1.8kVA-UL-D-plug W, programmable for Solar (PV)/Battery direct operation
15 1 Each Surge protection unit, MNSPD-300
Tools and accessories
Line# Quantity Unit Description
16 1 Each Well probe sensor - for low water control
17 1 Each Float switch - for tank full control
18 1 Each Hook, 6mm Ø, SS - for safety rope
19 2 Each Ring hook, 6mm Ø, SS - for safety rope
20 1 Each Pipe Wrench, 300mm
21 1 Each Wrench, 24mm
22 1 Each Adjustable wrench, 300mm
23 1 Each Allen wrench, 5mm
24 1 Each Allen wrench, 6mm
25 1 Each Screwdriver handle, bit holder
26 1 Set(s) Screwdriver bits, assorted
27 1 Each Socket, 13mm, with ratchet handle
28 1 Each Gas Torch
29 1 Each Crimping Tool
30 1 Each Crimping Stripper
31 1 Each Knife, general purpose
32 1 Pack(s) Cable ties, 200 mm, 100 pce
33 10 Roll(s) Tape, insulation
34 10 Roll(s) Tape, PTFE
35 10 Each Connector, 2.5mm², BN2
36 0.5 Metre(s) Shrinking tube - for pump cable connections
37 60 Metre(s) Cable, 2 core, 1.5 mm² - for well probe
38 60 Metre(s) Cable, 2 core, 1.5 mm² - for float switch
39 60 Metre(s) Rope, 6mm, polyester (pump safety rope)
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: Germany
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 101 x 86 x 86
  • Volume (m³): 0.747
  • Weight (kg): 130


Pocket Dipper
Dip Meter
Three lengths available