Pump kit, Submersible, 3"

Product Code: BSQ5
A 3" diameter pump set supplied with rising main, wellhead assembly and control panel. Used for pumping from water depth 25-60m.

This pump unit and equipment has provided a dependable and easy to use option in numerous programmes over many years. The 3" unit is preferred as many of the existing boreholes across the work regions are typically small diameter 4" wells.

NOTE: Damage can be done to submersible pumping equipment and to the borehole if the system is not selected correctly and pumping is not carefully controlled and managed. A full borehole draw-down test is an essential part of pump selection and system operation.

User Notes
  • The steel safety cable is for use when the pump is to be mounted on existing steel rising pipes, when the pump is used in a large diameter well, reservoir or open water. Do not use the cable when installing the flexible rising main in a borehole.
  • The Rising Main Installation kit, Code: BSPI, is designed for raising and lowering pumps where the flexible rising main is fitted. The pump is lowered and raised using the rising main.
  • This submersible pump will require a single phase power supply. Generator, 6kVA (Oxfam code: KG6) is suitable.
  • Pump protection: This pump does not require low water level probes, as thermal/resistance protection is built in to the pump. The dip meter and tubes can be used to monitor water level and then operate the pump manually.
    When used against low total heads (<30m), back-pressure should be introduced by installation and partial closure of an additional gate valve at the well head (once correctly set the valve wheel should be removed).
  • The pump is supplied with a flow sleeve. A flow sleeve is used to solve problems of motor overheating and the build up of corrosive deposits. A flow sleeve is a stainless steel cylinder that surrounds the motor and pump intake. During pumping all water is drawn through the sleeve which cools the motor. The flow sleeve has an external diameter of 4" therefore it can only be used in a borehole of more than 4½" (120mm) internal diameter.

Multi-stage submersible pump fitted with electric motor.

  • rated flow 5m³/hr at rated head 73m
  • 3" diameter pump and  single phase motor
  • Electrical protection/switching device (connected in series to pump power supply from generator)
  • power requirement 2.2kW (approx 4kW for starting)
Dimensions (cm): Crate 1: 116 x 116 x 60, Crate 2: 317 x 24 x 35

Components included
Pump and motor complete
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each SQ5-70 Grundfos multi-stage submersible pump with MS3 single phase motor
2 80 Metre(s) 4mm² cross-sectional area, 3 core HO7RNF pump drop cable, with cable glands and 3-pin plug (pre-fitted by the supplier)
3 1 Each Flow sleeve kit
Rising main and wellhead assembly
Line# Quantity Unit Description
4 1 Each Wellhead assembly, 2", mild steel comprising of: Head plate mild steel, 2" 90º sweep bend, outer casing 200mm Ø
5 60 Metre(s) Flexible rising main, 1½"
6 55 Each Rising main fixing straps, blue
7 5 Each Rising main fixing straps, red
8 2 Each Rising main stubs, to suit pipe and well head, stainless steel with double-ring couplings
Non return valve assembly
Line# Quantity Unit Description
9 1 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
10 1 Each Valve, Non-return, 2" BSP(F), brass
11 1 Each Nipple, Barrel, 2" BSP(M), 300mm
12 1 Each Flange, 2" BSP(F) x 50mm, PN16, 4 hole
Control valve assembly
Line# Quantity Unit Description
13 1 Each Flange, 2" BSP(F) x 50mm, PN16, 4 hole
14 1 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
15 1 Each Tee, Reduced branch, 2x½" BSP(F), GI with ½" ball valve, brass fitted
16 1 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
17 1 Each Valve, Gate, 2" BSP(F), Brass, PN16
18 1 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
19 1 Each Tee, Reduced branch, 2" x ½" BSP(F), GI with ½" hose connector, brass fitted
20 1 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
Fittings and accessories
Line# Quantity Unit Description
21 1 Each Flow meter, Woltmann type, 50mm, PN16, supplied with gaskets, bolts, nuts and washers
22 2 Each Bend, 90º, 2" BSP(F), GI
23 1 Each Nipple, Barrel, 2" BSP(F), 1m, steel
24 65 Metre(s) Cable, stainless steel, 4mm, supplied with: stainless steel shackles and eyes
25 2 Each Pressure gauge, ½" BSP(M), heavy duty, bottom entry, glycol filled, 16-20 bar max
26 20 Each Dipper tube, 19mm, threaded M/F, 3m lengths (Crate 2)
27 1 Each Dip Meter, 100m
28 1 Each Electrical protection/switching panel: Lovato PMV55 protection relay and pull-in type contactor with stop/start buttons. Built into a weatherproof casing with pre-wired trailing leads and M/F 16A plugs. Pre-set protection/delay settings
Installation and spares kit
Line# Quantity Unit Description
29 1 Each Allen key, 5mm, T-bar type - for Boreline clamps
30 10 Roll(s) PTFE tape
31 6 Roll(s) Loctite 55 thread
32 6 Roll(s) Tape, insulating
33 1 Pack(s) Cable ties, 8x150mm, (x100)
34 2 Kit(s) Joint kit, shrink fit - for submersible cable
35 1 Each 230/240V Heatgun - for fitting shrinkfit connectors
36 1 Each 16A plug - for heatgun
37 2 Each Valve, Gate, 2" BSP(F), Brass, PN16
38 2 Each Nipple, Hex, 2" BSP(M), GI
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See Specification
  • Volume (m³): 1.074
  • Weight (kg): 246


Pocket Dipper
Dip Meter
Three lengths available
Generator, 6kVA