Pump kit, Surface Water, 2
Pump kit, Surface Water, 2
Pump kit, Surface Water, 2
Pump kit, Surface Water, 2
Pump kit, Surface Water, 2

Pump kit, Surface Water, 2" - Diesel Engine

Product Code: P2
A reliable and robust diesel powered pumpset with 2" suction and delivery connections. Capable of delivering 6 l/s at 25m head. Suction head to 7m.
Kit includes hoses, all fittings for initial set-up and operation of the pump and service spares for the first year of operation. Used for pumping from source to storage or for distribution.

User notes
  • Pump is supplied mounted to the base of the crate. This is to provide a platform to keep the unit off the ground. Rubber foot pads are also supplied for the frame.
  • The 5 litres of oil supplied in this kit should be used for running in the engine and discarded after 100 running hours and replaced with SAE 15W/40 lubricating oil (or equivalent) as supplied in the Pump Oil kit
  • The fittings included are sufficient for most uses illustrated in the Surface Water Pumping Manual. The Pump Fittings kit, should be ordered to enable two pumps to be installed in series or parallel.
  • For optimum performance 2" suction/delivery pipework is supplied. 3" Reducers are provided to connect to fittings commonly used in other Oxfam water equipment kits.
  • A 2" gate valve is included to allow optional throttling at outlet. It can also act as an isolation valve. Pumping against a fully closed valve must be avoided. The valve must always be open during priming.
  • Pump:
    Single stage centrifugal self priming pump with 2” BSP(M) suction & 2” BSP(M) delivery connections.
    Cast iron construction with 2 stage mechanical carbon/ceramic seal, stainless steel shaft sleeve, renewable steel wear plate, integral non-return valve, prime and drain points.
  • Engine:
    Single cylinder air-cooled, diesel engine with recoil start and starting handle, renewable element air, oil and fuel filters, 3 litre (3 hour) fuel tank, automatic low oil shut down, throttle control, oil drain tap and exhaust silencer.

Pump and engine are close coupled together and mounted on a common fabricated steel baseplate. Drilled for 4 x M10 holding down bolts.

  • Hoses:
2" suction max working pressure 3.5 bar   burst 10 bar 
2" discharge   max working pressure 5 bar  burst 10 bar 

Components included
Pump/Engine Set
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Merlin 251 2" pump/Lombardini 15LD225 diesel engine. Identification plate secured to baseplate
2 30 Metre(s) Hose, reinforced flexible, 2", with foot valve (SOCLA type) and 2" BSP(F) Hose coupling, MI fitted
3 5 Metre(s) Hose, reinforced flexible, 2", with two 2" BSP(F) Hose coupling, MI fitted
4 1 Each Non-return valve, 2" BSP(F), brass
5 1 Each Valve, Gate, 2"
6 2 Each Nipple - Hex, 2" BSP(M)
7 2 Each Reducer - nipple, 3"BSP(M) to 2"BSP(M), GI
8 1 Each Reducer - bush, 3"BSP(M) to 2"BSP(F), GI
9 1 Each Coupling, hose, 2" BSP(F), MI
10 1 Each Clamp, hose, bolted
11 5 Roll(s) Loctite 55, 50m
Spares and consumables for 1 year operation
Line# Quantity Unit Description
12 1 Each Seal and gasket set
13 8 Each Air filter element
14 8 Each Oil filter element
15 8 Each Fuel filter element
16 8 Each Oil filter gasket, rubber
17 1 Each Sump plug washer
18 10 Each Washers, Hose coupling, 2"
19 5 Litre(s) 15w/40 Engine oil
20 1 Kit(s) Tool kit: Strap wrench, Hexagonal key set, 13mm Combination spanner, Adjustable wrench 300mm, Pliers

NOTE: When ordering spares quote the pump/engine identification number on the base plate.
           To identify engine spares use the engine build code K7A0072

Local Purchase 
It may be possible to purchase suitable alternative pumps in the regions. Factors to be considered: quality/durability of equipment, reliability, performance characteristics, full specification of kit – ensure comparisons are like-for-like, compatibility with other equipment (including that of other agencies), spare parts availability.
P2 User Manual - Supplier

P2 Operator's Manual - Manufacturer

P2 Workshop Manual - Manufacturer
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 100 x 100 x 87
  • Volume (m³): 0.85
  • Weight (kg): 189