Pump kit, Surface water, 2" - Well Jetting

Product Code: PR2J
Lightweight, water pump set with petrol engine; ideal for first phase emergency situation or where portability is required (ie water trucking operations) as it can be easily carried by two people.

The kit is supplied with hoses and accessories for immediate use and spare parts for the first year of operation.

MSF equipment code: KWATKPUP30

It is specifically offered for use with Well Jetting Equipment Code BWJ5/1

User notes

Alum warning: This pump has an aluminium casing and if used to to pump water containing alum sulphate (i.e. for suction side dosing) the solution will damage the pump components. The pump will have an approximate life span of 6 -12 months with daily use. For planned and long term alum dosing it is advised to use the Code PR2 or P2 pump units.
  • Pump:
    2" Self-priming centrifugal pump of aluminium construction
    Max head: 29 m
    Max suction head: 8 m
    Max delivery: 36 m³/h, 10 l/s
  • Engine:
    Single cylinder, OHV, petrol engine, complete with low oil protection.
  • Mounted inside a tubular steel roll over frame with anti-vibration mounts.
  • Kit supplied with all hoses and accessories for well jetting and abstraction.

Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Pump, SDMO ST 2.36H with Honda GX120 engine, fitted with Guillemin DN50 couplings
2 5 Each Priming plug with 'o'-ring gasket - for pump
3 4 Each Spark plug
4 2 Each Filter, air
5 1 Each Starter rope
6 5 Litre(s) Engine oil
7 20 Metre(s) Rope, polypropylene, 6mm diameter
8 1 Each Assembly, gate valve 2" with Guillemin DN50 fittings with locking rings
9 1 Each Assembly, Tee, 2" with Guillemin DN50 fittings with locking rings
10 1 Each Hose, flexible reinforced, 2", 1.5m long with Guillemin DN50 fittings with locking rings
11 3 Each Hose, flexible reinforced, 2", 8m long with Guillemin DN50 fittings with locking rings
12 1 Each Jerrycan, 10 litre, plastic, collapsible
13 1 Each Foot valve strainer, with Guillemin DN50 fitting
14 2 Each Wrench, for Guillemin couplings
15 5 Roll(s) Teflon sealing tape
16 1 Each Wrench, combination, 10mm
17 1 Each Wrench, combination, 12mm
18 1 Each Wrench, open-socket, 13mm
19 1 Each Screwdriver, Pozidriv, PZ1
20 1 Each Box spanner, spark plug
21 1 Each Toolbag, canvas
22 1 Each Funnel, 120mm diameter, plastic
23 1 Each Funnel, 200mm diameter, plastic
24 1 Each Jerrycan, 20 litre, metal,
25 1 Each Pouring lip - for jerrycan, with spare gasket
26 1 Dozen Rags, cotton - for workshop
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 82 x 62 x 101
  • Volume (m³): 0.513
  • Weight (kg): 96