Pump kit, Surface Water, 4
Pump kit, Surface Water, 4
Pump kit, Surface Water, 4
Pump kit, Surface Water, 4
Pump kit, Surface Water, 4

Pump kit, Surface Water, 4" - Diesel Engine

Product Code: P4
A reliable and robust diesel powered pump set with 4" suction and delivery connections. Capable of delivering up to 12 l/s at 40m head or 35 l/s at 20m head. Kit includes hoses, all fittings for initial set-up and operation of the pump and service spare parts for the first year of operation. Used for pumping from source to storage or for distribution.

User notes
  • The 5 litres of oil supplied in this kit should be used for running-in the engine and discarded after 100 running hours and replaced with SAE 15W/40 lubricating oil (or equivalent) as in the Oil, for Pumps kit.
  • For optimum performance, the pump design is based on using 4" suction pipe work although a reducer is included to enable connection with 3" suction pipe work. Reduction in size in the suction pipe work will result in a significant drop in pump performance.
  • The fittings included are sufficient for most uses illustrated in the Surface Water Pumping Manual. The Pump Fittings kit (Code: PF), should be ordered to enable two pumps to be installed in series or parallel.
  • A gate valve is included to allow optional throttling at outlet. It can also act as an isolation valve. Pumping against a fully closed valve must be avoided and the valve must always be open during priming.
  • It is recommended that, when pumping long distances or to higher elevations, the non-return valve included is fitted to the delivery side of the pump to reduce risk of surge damage.
  • This self-priming pump has a built in non-return valve to aid priming. A low-friction foot valve (included in the kit) will also make priming easier, but will reduce the dynamic suction head. Where conditions permit, such as pumping water from a tank, the foot valve can be excluded from the pumping configuration.
Local purchase

It may be possible to purchase suitable alternative pumps in many countries. Factors to be considered include: quality/durability of equipment, reliability, performance characteristics, full specification of kit – ensure comparisons are like-for-like, compatibility with other equipment (including that of other agencies), spare parts availability.
  • Pump:
    Single stage centrifugal self-priming pump with 4" BSP(M) suction and 4" BSP(M) delivery connections.
    Cast iron construction with a mechanical carbon/ceramic seal, separate steel pump shaft, renewable cast wear plate/volute, integral non-return valve, prime and drain points.
  • Engine:
    Two cylinder air-cooled diesel engine with handle start, oil bath air cleaner with cyclonic pre-filter, renewable element oil and fuel filters, 14.5 litre (4.5 hour) fuel tank, throttle control, oil drain tap, fuel filter/water separator (agglomerator), and exhaust silencer.

Pump and engine are close coupled together and mounted on a common fabricated steel baseplate. Drilled for 4 x M10 holding down bolts.

  • Hoses
4" suction max working pressure 3 bar  burst 9 bar 
3" discharge max working pressure 10 bar  burst 30 bar 

Components included
Part numbers given are the manufacturer's.

Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
1 1 Each Pump set, Atalanta Osprey 452 4"x4"/Lombardini 9LD625-2 diesel engine. Identification plate secured to baseplate.
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
2 10 Metre(s) Hose, Flexible reinforced, 4", PVC
3 1 Each Valve, Foot, 100mm (fitted to item 2)
4 2 Each Coupling, Hose, 4", BSP(F), MI (one fitted to item 2)
5 2 Each Clamp, Hose, 4" (fitted to item 2)
6 1 Each Band, Hose, 4" (fitted to item 2)
7 1 Each Bush, Reducing, 4" x 3" BSP (M-F), GI
8 1 Each G320 Nipple, Hex, 3" BSP(M), GI
9 10 Each Washers, Hose coupling, 4"
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
10 1 Each G334 Valve, Gate, 3"
11 1 Each G335 Valve, Non-return, 3" BSP(F), Brass
12 1 Each Bush, Reducing, 4" x 3" BSP (M-F), GI
13 3 Each G318 Clip, Hose, 3", Bolted
14 5 Each G320 Nipple, Hex, 3" BSP(M), GI
15 2 Each Bend, 90°, 3" BSP(F), GI
16 1 Each G316 Coupling, Hose, 3" BSP (F), Brass
17 10 Each Washer, Hose coupling, 3"
18 4 Roll(s) GPT Tape, PTFE
19 4 Metre(s) Hose, Flexible reinforced, 3", PVC
20 2 Each Coupling, Hose, 3" BSP(F), MI (fitted to both ends of item 19)
21 2 Each G318 Clip, Hose, 3", Bolted (fitted to item 19)
Mounting Bolts
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
22 4 Each Bolts, M10 × 100mm, with nuts and washers
Pump spares for 1 year operation
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
23 1 Each 24-3-413/416 Mechanical shaft seal
24 1 Each 24-3-528 Inlet gasket/clack valve
25 1 Each 24-3-458 Outlet gasket
26 1 Each 24-3-497 Body gasket
27 1 Each 24-3-502 O-ring
28 2 Each 20-3-303 Plug
29 2 Each 07-3-307 Plug washer
Engine consumables and spares sets for 1 year operation
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
30 12 Each 2175042 Fuel filter element
31 12 Each 2175107 Oil filter element
32 5 Litre(s) 15w/40 Engine oil
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 158 x 117 x 145
  • Volume (m³): 2.680
  • Weight (kg): 505