Rapid Batch Water Treatment Module

Product Code: MRBT
This module contains all the equipment to set up a small scale and short term water treatment installation in a first phase response.
It uses a lightweight pump, suction side dosing kit and a 30 m3 onion tank for flocculation and sedimentation then filling two 10 m3 bladders for chlorination and storage.
Based on approximately 6 hours for sedimentation and 2 hours for filling and emptying, this module could supply up to 60 m3 per day which would provide water for approximately 4,000 people.

NOTE: The module includes water measuring and testing equipment, to determine the dosing chemical quantities. It also includes a tool kit for installation and ongoing maintenance.
User notes
  • This module can be set up and operated by an experienced Public Health engineer and three technical or trained staff. To operate the treatment process to its maximum output, shift working will be required for fifteen to eighteen hours per day.
  • If the source water is more turbid than 5 NTU, treatment is necessary before chlorination. Install the pump and the suction side dosing kit and then carry out a jar test to determine how much alum to use for ta 30,000 litre tank.
  • The inlet hose entering the onion tank needs to be tied (or an elbow used on the inside of the inlet flange) in such a way as to cause the water to swirl within the tank, to assist with the mixing of the alum with water.
  • On the inside of the outlet flange an elbow needs to be fitted facing upwards to insure that residual does not get drawn into the outlet water.
  • The simplest way to chlorinate is to add the correct volume of solution by bucket as the tank is filling. The volume should be determined by a jar test.
Components included
Line Code Quantity Description
1 TRR30 1 Tank kit, Onion - 30m³
2 TBT10 2 Tank kit, Bladder - 10m³
3 FASD 1 Chemical Dosing kit, Suction Side
4 PR2 1 Pump kit, Surface Water, 2" - Lightweight petrol engine
5 TWCT 2 Oxfam Jerry Bucket, 14 litre - 200 pce
6 G215 2 Hose, Flexible reinforced, 2", 30m
7 G216 6 Coupling, hose, 2"BSP(F)
8 G217 3 Coupling, hose, 2"BSP(M)
9 G218 12 Hose clip, bolted
10 G223 2 Tee, Equal, 2", BSP(F), 
11 G325 2 Elbow, 3" BSP(F)
12 G320 2 Nipple, 3" BSP(M)
13 FCL 25 Chlorine, granules, 5 kg
14 FAS 1 Aluminium sulfate, granules, 25 kg - 40 pce
15 FMT 1 Water measuring and testing kit
16 FPO 2 Pooltester - for chlorine and pH
17 FD1 1 Tablets, rapid test for Pooltester - 250 pce
18 FPR 1 Tablets, rapid test for Pooltester - 250 pce
19 OS 1 Tool kit, Site
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See individual items
  • Volume (m³): 8.202
  • Weight (kg): 2208