Solar light - 500 pce

Solar light - 500 pce

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Three products offered
Personal solar powered lights can have a significant benefit to quality of life, by lighting the home or temporary shelter, and to personal safety at night, for people who are away from the home after dark.

The Supply Centre can source and provide lanterns from a number of suppliers and will take local and regional product availability and supply chains into account when providing large quantities to programmes. The items are offered as kits of 500 units, to be supplied on one pallet. 

The Supply Centre has selected three products that can be made available immediately for a first response situation:

Sun King Pico Plus - £4.00 each
This light can be worn around the neck, carried or hung. It is provided with a simple stand/hanger so that it can be positioned as a work light or lantern in the home. Three light levels.

Luci Light - £5.50 each
This is an ultra compact and lightweight lantern. It is inflatable and provides three levels of light

Little Sun - £6.00 each
This is an eye catching and powerful light unit that is provided with a lanyard so that it can be worn around the neck.

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