Solar Light and Charger - 50 pce

Product Code: SSLC
A solar light with power charger can prove to be essential in an emergency response. This product is selected to be provided to affected communities, volunteers, and for Oxfam staff members.

In NGO programmes, Smartphones are used more and more for information gathering, messaging, data sharing, and group and remote meetings. An autonomous power supply is essential for staff and volunteers who contribute to programme delivery

Waka Waka Power - £22 each
This is a versatile, powerful light with three brightness settings. It can be positioned a different angles using the folding stand, mounted on a bottle, and suspended by a single string.
The power output is from USB or mini USB sockets and the internal battery can provide 3000 mAh. Fully charged the unit can provide 200 hrs of light or recharge a smart phone 1.5 times.

  • Ready To Ship: 2 Weeks
  • Made In: China
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 135 x 48 x 63
  • Volume (m³): 0.408
  • Weight (kg): 17