Solar Panel kit, 820 Wp

Product Code: KS820
Kit of four Photo Voltaic Modules (solar panels) that can be connected to provide a maximim of 820 W (peak power). Supplied with an adjustable mounting frame for permanent installation of the units at the correct inclination.
Pmax Cells Tolerance I mp V mp I sc V oc Max System Voltage Size (cm) Weight (kg)
LC205-M72 205 V 72 +5/0 % 5.5 A 37.4 5.86 A 45.8 1000 158 × 81 × 4 14.8

Components Included
Line# Quantity Unit  Description
1 4 Each  Photo Voltaic Module, mono crystalline, 37.4Vmp, 205W peak with junction box, cable
2 1 Each  Cable MC4, 4mm², 10m, with single female plug
3 1 Each  Cable MC4, 4mm², 10m, with single male plug
4 2 Each  Cable, PV Module, 4mm², male-female, MC4, 10m
5 1 Kit(s)  Mounting frame - galvanised steel sections with nuts, bolts, washers

User Notes
  • This kit is specifically provided for use with the Solar Pump kit code: BSS4. One, two or three kits can be linked to provide the required power.
  • When designing a solar powered system the first consideration is the available solar energy (irradiance) at the location. This can be provided as a peak value, a day range, seasonal variation, or annual average. Solar insolation is a measurement of irradiance (expressed as kWh/m² over a time period). This information will enable the correct number of panels to selected to provide the system power requirement.
  • NOTE: To maximise the power output, the PV panels need to be installed at the correct inclination for the location. This will be found using an online calculating tool.
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Made In: China
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 170 x 93 x 45
  • Volume (m³): 0.711
  • Weight (kg):


Pump kit, Solar, Submersible, 4"
Lorentz system