October 2019

Recent large shipment have been made to (agency & country/response). (pics include sewage truck unload Yemen)

New equipment items
Water testing equipment continues to be one of the categories that we supply most frequently and over the last year the Supply Centre has been receiving more requests for equipment to test for the presence of minerals and chemicals in water. For many years Oxfam has offered a kit that is based on visual comparison tests (Code: FCWT). Although the kit is adequate for the majority of field uses, we have now added a multi-parameter photometer kit (Code: FMPP). The equipment will enable the user to make up to 80 different tests for parameters at different concentration ranges and it will give greater precision and accuracy to the results. We have made an instructional video to demonstrate the item.

​​​​​​​The Supply Centre hosted our third WASH for Logs training course. This was attended by staff from Oxfam GB based in Goma DRC, British Red Cross, and the Supply Centre. (pic)
As always, it is great to meet with our colleagues from Oxfam programmes and from other agencies. It is sad that the problems faced by procurement and logistics staff, when purchasing WASH equipment, seem to be universal!
Details about the course are available and we will update the web page when the dates of the next event are confirmed.

​​​​​​​Work continues on the new steel roof kit for the OXFAM tank. The latest version was erected and the latest design adjustments were checked. This should be completed in the next month and we will be adding this as a new catalogue item. (pic)

The OXFAM Handwashing Stand kit is going into production. This has been a three year story from concept to reality and we look forward to receiving the unit into stock and rolling out the new item in February 2020.