Tablets, Photometer, for Chemicals - 250 pce

Product Code: FP1
Reagent test tablet for the photometer test kit - Code: FDP.

The parameters and concentration ranges offered are those commonly used for testing drinking water to WHO guidelines. Other chemical parameter reagents can also be provide.

NOTE: These tablets are not the same as those used with visual colour comparator tests.
Components available

This list of reagents cover the same parameters and range as the Code: FCWT kit. The most commonly occurring minerals tested in drinking water at the WHO guideline ranges.

All reagents are supplied in boxes of 250 tables except where noted.

Parameter Range (mg/l) Palintest Code Oxfam Code
Aluminium 0-0.5 AP166 FP1
Chloride 0-50,000 AP268 FP2
Chlorine - Free (DPD1) 0-5 AP011 FP11
Chlorine - Total (DPD3 use with DPD1) 0-5 AP031/1 FP31
Fluoride (200 pce) 0-1.5 AP179 FP3
Iron 0-5 AP292 FP4
Manganese 0-0.03 AP173 FP5
Nitrate (200 pce) 0-20 AP163 FP6
Nitrite 0-0.5 AP109 FP7
Sulphide (200 pce) 0-0.5 AP168 FP8
Zinc 0-4 AP148 FP9

For other parameters and ranges please select product codes from the Palintest brochure or website.
The full range of available reagents are listed in this brochure. Use the Palintest product code when requesing a quotation.
​​​​​Multi Parameter Photometers Brochure - Palintest
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