Tank kit, 45 m³

Product Code: T45S & T45L
The Oxfam Tank is supplied as a two part kit, the steel sheets and the liner and accessories.

First used in the field in the 1970s the Oxfam Tank has been a constant and reliable part of emergency water treatment and distributions systems in every response since. When erected carefully and maintained these tanks can remain in service for decades.
  • Corrugated steel sheets to make a round, rigid, water tank 6.4m Ø 1.5 m high
  • Liner (with repair kit), all accessories and fittings.
Note: Bolts, nuts and washers for tank assembly are included in the Liner kit. (These can be ordered separately.)

User notes​​​​​
  • A roof is required when storing treated water. The Tank Roof kit, Steel is recommended of all installations, especially where longevity is required as it will endure more extreme weather conditions and requires little maintenance. Select the Tank Roof kit, PVC for speed and low cost.
  • The Tank Plinth kit is used to elevate the tank to increase the head/pressure in a gravity flow system.
  • Ladders are recommended to help workers to get in and out during the assembly process and for cleaning/maintenance.
  • Where the tank is installed on a concrete slab base the Anchor Bolt kit is required.
  • 6.4m Ø x 0.8mm corrugated galvanised steel sheets measuring 3.0m long x 0.8m high, drilled with 14mm holes on all sides (plain). Minimum tensile strength of all panels 90kN including a safety margin of 25% over maximum required design strength – this permits the sheets to be interchangeable and used in tanks up to 95m³.
  • 2 sheets with one hole drilled 95mm Ø for receiving a Flange Assembly, 3" (Oxfam code: G330), at mid point of long side of sheet 175mm from edge to centre of hole.
  • 1 sheet with one hole for flange drilled at the centre of the sheet. Hole blanked off with 225mm square plate made from same material and fixed in place with 4x M10 x 20mm round head bolts and nuts.
Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 11 Sheet(s) Corrugated galvanised steel sheet with bolt holes
2 2 Sheet(s) Corrugated galvanised steel sheet with bolt holes and hole for flange (edge)
3 1 Sheet(s) Corrugated galvanised steel sheet with bolt holes, hole for flange (centre) and cover plate

Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each EPDM synthetic rubber tank liner - suitable for potable water use
2 1 Kit(s) Repair kit for Item 1 comprising: 1m² EPDM material, 10m roll of 50mm wide patching tape
3 21 Metre(s) Split plastic primary wall capping, 12mm Ø
4 21 Metre(s) Split plastic secondary wall capping, 25mm Ø
5 60 Each Spring clip, 25mm steel - for capping
6 1 Bag(s) Fixings: (x300) M10 × 20mm round head bolt, nut, washer, GI
7 2 Each Valve, Gate, 3" BSP(F), brass
8 3 Each Flange Assembly, 3" - comprising: threaded flange, flange with threaded 3" Ø pipe, synthetic rubber gaskets (x2), M16 steel studs (x4), M16 nuts and washers (x8)
9 1 Roll(s) Tape, self-adhesive, 50mm wide, cloth-based (Gaffer), 55m
10 2 Roll(s) Tape, PTFE
11 1 Roll(s) Rope, polypropylene, ultra-violet stabilised, 6mm x 50m
12 2 Each Spanner/podger, 17mm, open ended
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden crate & pallet
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See individual kits
  • Volume (m³): 2.26
  • Weight (kg): 485


Tank Plinth
Two sizes available