Tank kit, Steel with Roof and Liner 20 m³

Product Code: T20
Cylindrical water tank 3.3 x 2.3 m high, made of corrugated steel sheets with a reinforced rubber liner. Kit includes all fittings, roof, and accessories. Used for semi-permanent installations. Capacity 18,500 litres to the inlet level.


Tank: made from corrugated, 0.8mm galvanised steel sheets curved to radius 1.65m. Sheets are drilled with 14mm holes along the edges, to accept fixing bolts. 3 sheets drilled to accept Flange Assembly, 3" (Oxfam code: G330).

Liner: made of reinforced EPDM synthetic rubber, shaped to fit the tank, suitable for potable water use.

Roof: reinforced, conical uPVC cover with eyelets for securing by rope. Supported to raise the centre, creating slope for run off.

Components included

Line# Quantity Unit Code Description
1 12 Sheet(s) Sheet, Corrugated, Galvanised Steel, with bolt holes
2 2 Sheet(s) Sheet, Corrugated, Galvanised Steel, with bolt holes and hole for flange (near edge)
3 1 Sheet(s) Sheet, Corrugated, Galvanised Steel, with bolt holes, hole for flange (centre) and cover plate
Liner kit
Line# Quantity Unit Code Description
4 1 Each Liner, tank, rubber (EPDM) - suitable for potable water use
5 1 Kit(s) Repair kit for liner comprising: 1m² EPDM material, 10m roll of 50mm wide patching tape
6 10 Metre(s) 12mm Ø Split plastic primary wall capping
7 10 Metre(s) 25mm Ø Split plastic secondary wall capping
8 Each Clip, Spring, 25mm, steel, for capping
9 1 Bag(s) Bag containing: (x) M10 × 20mm round head bolt, x M10 nut, x M10 washer, GI
10 3 Each G330 Flange Assembly, 3"
11 2 Each G334 Valve, Gate, 3" BSP(F), brass
12 1 Roll(s) Tape, Adhesive, 50mm wide, 55m
13 2 Roll(s) GPT Tape, PTFE
14 2 Each Podger/Spanner, open ended, 17mm
15 Each Peg, Steel, 10mm Ø x 450mm long
Line# Quantity Unit Code Description
16 3 Roll(s) SR Rope, 6mm, 50m length, , Polypropylene
17 Each Eye nut, for M10 bolt
18 1 Each Cover, conicall, 4.5m, uPVC, with inspection opening
19 1 Kit(s) Support structure, roof, galvanised steel plus fixings
20 1 Each Repair kit
  • Ready To Ship: 2 weeks
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Volume (m³): 1.32
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 220 x 80 x 75
  • Weight (kg): 460
  • Made In: United Kingdom