Tapstand kit

Product Code: DS
Kit of steel parts to assemble a distribution tapstand, supplied with a selection of fittings to connect it to a water supply.
Components are included to connect to 32mm and 50mm PE pipe using compression couplings, or to 2" flexible or layflat hose using threaded or Guillemin couplings.

The tapstand is fundamental to distribution of safe water both is a semi-permanent setting like a camp and in a temporary setting such as a water trucking operation. A tapstand will enable a number of users to collect water at the same time and the self closing taps help to prevent water waste and standing water in the collection area.

NOTE: In the field, the tapstand should always be flushed before fitting the taps.

  • Height of the tapstand 890mm
  • All threads BSP Tapered
  • Components are hot dipped galvanised internally and externally to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • All threading carried out after the galvanisation process, using potable grade cutting oil.
  • All parts supplied ready for immediate use, with all debris from the machining process removed from the water ways before packing.
Components included
Line # Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Each Hollow section frame, 40mm x 40mm section, fitted with: Inlet in centre of one side to connect 1½" BSP(M) pipe, (x4) 1" BSP (F) sockets angled to receive the leg pieces, (x6) ¾" threaded oulets
2 6 Each Nipple, Barrel, ¾" BSP(M) x 300 mm, GS - for taps
3 4 Each Frame legs, 1" Ø x 1m long, GS - one end threaded to fit frame and other with foot plate
4 1 Each Nipple, Barrel, 1½" BSP(M) x 600mm, GS - for inlet
5 4 Each Coach bolt and nut, M10 × 100mm long with nut
6 4 Each Coach screw, ⅜" × 3" long - for mounting on timber frame
7 2 Roll(s) PTFE tape
8 6 Each Valve (Tap), Evenflow type, ¾" BSP(F), Aluminium
9 2 Each End cap, ¾" BSP(F), GI
10 1 Each Adapter, 32mm Compression x 1" BSP(M), PE
11 1 Each Tee, Reduced branch, 2"- 1½" BSP(F), GI
12 1 Each End Plug, 2" BSP(M), GI
13 1 Each Bush, Reducing, 2" x 1" BSP(M-F), GI
14 1 Each Adapter, 50mm Compression x 2" BSP(M), PE
15 1 Each Guillemin half coupling x 2" BSP(M), without locking ring, Aluminium
  • Ready To Ship: 2 days
  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 103 x 43 x 11
  • Volume (m³): 0.049
  • Weight (kg): 28