Warehouse, Temporary, 240 m²

Product Code: AWH
A heavy duty aluminium framed warehouse structure, 24m long x 10m wide with a ridge height of 5.5m.
  • Frame: aluminium
  • Distance between trusses: 4m
  • Fabric: UV stabilised PVC coated polyester
  • Fabric weight: 700gsm
  • Colour: white
  • Doors: 2 doors 4.5m x 4m in each gable end
  • Ventilation: 2 air windows in each gable end
​​​​​​​Components Included
Line# Quantity Unit Description
1 1 Pack(s) Half truss (x8)
2 1 Pack(s) Half truss (x6)
3 1 Pack(s) Gable tension bar, right (x2). Cable tension bar, left (x2)
4 1 Pack(s) Purlins (x18)
5 1 Pack(s) Wall tension bar (x12)
6 1 Pack(s) Wall element (x8)
7 1 Pack(s) Wall element (x6)
8 1 Pack(s) Gable columns (x4)
9 1 Pack(s) Gate assembly (x1). Lifting fork for purlin (x1)
10 1 Each Ladder
11 1 Box(es) Roof apex (x7); Base plates (x14); Gable base plates (x4)
12 1 Box(es) Counter bracing cables, wall (x8); Counter bracing cables, roof (x8); Ground spikes (x32); Sliding bolt (x1); Fixing screws, nuts and washers; Tension bar tool; Ropes, 30m (x2); Tool kit; Repair kit - for cover; Shovel
13 1 Box(es) Roof cover; Roof cover for logo; Gable cover with lace up door; Gable cover sliding door; Gate cover (x2)
14 1 Box(es) Roof cover (x4)

User Notes

Tools needed to erect the structure and an illustrated assembly manual are supplied with each building.

The recommended method for installation is to fasten the base plates to a concrete platform.  If this isn't possible then the hall can be erected using the steel spikes (supplied with the kit) on ground prepared with crushed rock to a minimum depth of 80cms.  It is not recommended to erect the hall directly onto soft soil or sand.  Always keep the doors closed when not in use, or in windy weather.

NOTE: Some of the components for this kit are up to 5.5m long so this should be taken into consideration when ordering

  • Ready To Ship: 6 weeks
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Packaging: Wooden Crate
  • Item Dimensions (cm): See specification
  • Volume (m³): 4.460
  • Weight (kg): 1861