Water Testing Kit, Microbiological, Dual Incubator - with Battery

Product Code: FKBDI
Portable water quality, bacteriological testing kit to measure for total coliforms and faecal coliforms.
With the dual incubator the user can either increase the number of tests per cycle or test for thermal tolerant and total coliforms in the same cycle by setting them at different temperatures.

This unit has an internal, rechargeable battery which can provide power for up to five cycles of incubation without mains electricity. The kit includes consumables for 200 tests.


The incubators in this unit are fully adjustable for temperature and incubation period enabling a full range of tests to be carried out with the equipment.

User notes
You will need the following items to start testing:
• Pressure cooker or portable steriliser
• Methanol (approx 1 ml per test)
• Distilled (de-ionised) water
• 1 litre measuring cylinder or beaker
• Cigarette lighter

A room (or area) set up as a laboratory with fridge (to store consumables) and sterilising facilities is recommended.

Thermo tolerant (faecal) Coliform Count
The incubator can be set to a required temperature. At 44°C thermo-tolerant (faecal) Coliform counts can be obtained within 14 to 18 hours of sampling, giving a reliable indication of sanitary risk without need for transport or laboratory facilities.

Total Coliform Count
The incubators can be set so that tests can be carried out at both 37°C and 44°C. The lower temperature is used for the determination of total coliforms. Coliform counts can be made within 16-18 hours and give an indication of contamination of water supplies from environmental and other sources.

Components included
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
1 1 Each Potatest test kit carry case with intergrated work surface
2 2 Each Incubator, Potalab+
3 1 Each PTW 10424 Battery
4 1 Each Battery charger, 110/240V AC input, 12V DC output, with travel adapters and cable
5 1 Each 12V DC Battery connection cable with crocodile clips
6 1 Each Power connector 12V, cigarette lighter
7 2 Each PTW 10404-20 Petri dishes, 20 pce with carrier
8 5 Each PTW 10429 Media measuring tubes with cap and spoon
9 5 Each PTW 10700 Pasteur pipettes
10 1 Each PT 512 Dilution tube
11 1 Each Beaker, 250 ml
12 1 Each PTW 10416 Hand lens
13 1 Each PTW 10412 Tweezers/forceps
14 1 Each PTW 19884 Pen, permanent, fine
15 1 Each Filter body, polyurethane
16 1 Each PTW10402 Bronze disc
17 1 Each Filter funnel with collar, plastic
18 1 Each PTW 10404 Sample cup with hole for cable, stainless steel
19 1 Each Lanyard/cable for sample cup
20 1 Each PTW 10401 Vacuum pump with silicon hose
Consumables for 200 tests
Line# Quantity Unit Part No./Code Description
21 1 Each FDIP De-ionisation pack
22 2 Tube(s) FGP Absorbent Pads - Gelman
23 1 Each PTW 10464 Pad dispenser tool
24 1 Pack(s) FKM Filter, Membrane - for Water Testing
25 1 Tub(s) FSB Broth - Lauryl Sulphate, 38g
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  • Made In: United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 57 x 43 x 24
  • Volume (m³): 0.058
  • Weight (kg): 13