In-home Toilet kit - 12 pce

Product Code: LIHS

The Sanergy Fresh-fit toilet is offered as an option for a in-home toilet. It has been designed for households where users face a variety of challenges while trying to access a toilet. Some of these challenges include having to venture out at night, and the risk of attack – women and girls are particularly vulnerable - and access to facilities for the elderly, small children, and those with limited mobility.

The Fresh-fit is a container based sanitation unit. It has dual compartments for collecting solid and liquid waste. This version is supplied with an initial quantity of biodegradable bags, for the solid waste. Subsequent bags or a rigid container should then be sourced locally.

The Fresh-fit is produced in Nairobi and used in projects across Kenya. The Supply Centre will purchase and ship from the manufacturer directly to the destination country.

The price per unit is £66. The unit is packed 3 per box, 4 boxes per pallet for most efficient shipping.

Visit the Sanergy website for more information about their work and developments in sanitation.

Technical brief on container based sanitation - Emergency Sanitation Project 

  • Ready To Ship: 6 Weeks
  • Made In: Kenya
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 120 x 800 x 135
  • Volume (m³): 1.3
  • Weight (kg):