Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce
Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce
Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce
Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce
Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce

Oxfam Handwashing Stand kit - 6 pce

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The Oxfam Handwashing Stand is the result of four years of design and refinement and three field trials. It provides a low cost, easy-to-assemble, user friendly hand washing facility that can be installed in a first phase response to support sanitation and public health promotion activities.

The Oxfam Handwashing Stand is supplied as a compact box of six units which can be added to a stack of latrine slabs (as the dimensions are the same) or provided as a stack of four boxes on a pallet for standard air freight. The kit contains the tools and instructions needed to assemble the units.

The Oxfam Handwashing Stand has a 24 litre water reservoir and a separate 4 litre tank for soapy water to give over 200 hand washes per fill. The self-closing taps are smooth to use, and provide the low flow required. Large mirrors are a draw, bringing people to the stand and encouraging them to wash for longer.

In sanitation projects much money and time is spent on the provision of latrines but for too long the provision of acceptable hand washing facilities has been an after-thought. Poor quality, improvised and unreliable methods are commonly used even though it is widely known that hand washing with soap has the largest positive effect to public health, after the provision of safe drinking water. The Oxfam Handwashing Stand, with the bright colours and distinct design aims to give a better, more hygienic and dignified experience for the user while being robust enough to survive in the humanitarian context.


  • Plastic components (HDPE), UV stabilised
  • Self closing taps with smooth, brass touch point. Brass used for its antimicrobial property.
  • 4 litre soapy water reservoir
  • 24 litre water reservoir
  • Steel legs, galvanised and powder coated. 1160 mm long, 20 mm diameter, 1.2 mm gauge. Drilled and threaded for M6 bolts.
  • Tamper proof bolts
  • Hinged lid for filling and cleaning access, with padlock

Components included

Line # Qty Unit Description
1 6 Each Handwashing stand reservoir with soapy water container, mirrors, lid, drain plugs, and valves fitted. Bag containing: bolts (x6), hex key, drain pipe and cable ties, padlock, packed inside.
2 6 Each Handwashing stand basin with drain outlet fitted
3 18 Each Handwashing stand legs, steel, drilled and threaded for M6 bolts
4 2 Each Instruction sheet, A4 laminated
5 1 Each Flat blade screwdriver - for hose clamp
6 1 Each Torx screwdriver - for taps and drain screws
  • Ready To Ship: 2 Days
  • Made In: China
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Item Dimensions (cm): 120 x 80 x 45
  • Volume (m³): 0.35
  • Weight (kg): 44 kg